Matchbox Logo

From 2000, Matchbox introduced models with logo’s into the range.

From the first image – 2000 MB1 Mercedes Benz CLK Cabrio – it can be seen that this is embossed on the car’s windscreen. Logo’s for this year were placed wither on the bodywork, or windows of the model. 2000_logo_01_merc

In 2002, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Matchbox, and the 1-75 range, models were released with the ‘Matchbox 50’ logo. The majority of models had these logo’s stamped on them, but not all. This also applies to the model boxes of the 2002 range as well. 2002 MB1 King Tow illustrates this. 2002_logo_01_King_Tow

2003, and the Hero City range saw another significant development in Matchbox’s use of logo’s. Matchbox released 10,000 of each model in the 1-75 range with a ‘Hero City’ logo worldwide.

This can be seen from the picture of 2003 MB1 Rescue Fire Truck. Some
collector’s believe that it is important to collect solely all the Logo models, some one version of the logo and non-logo model. However the majority of collectors will simply be satisfied with completing the 2003 1-75 range – with or without the ‘Hero City’ logo.