2022 Images will be uploaded in due course.


– The Lexus LS400 was released in 2022, but has not been designated a MBX Mainline number.
– The Mercedes Benz G-Klasse was released in 2022, with bespoke blister packaging, but has not been designated a MBX Mainline number.
– There are two Telsa Model X castings released (!?!!) – MB53 and MB59 for 2022.
– Photo credits: ministry.of.diecast (where applicable).

An additional model has also been released as a “Super Chase”, that being a Porsche.

Additonal information: David Tilley

Licensed manufacturers for 2022:

Model No.
Model Name
Nissan NV VanMBX Highway
Mini CountrymanMBX Highway
McLaren 720 SpiderMBX Showroom
Road Roller
MBX Highway
Dodge Durango (WD)MBX Metro
Jeep RenegadeMBX Off-Road
MB7Jeep Gladiator (JT)MBX Off-Road
MB8TBATBANo Image released
MB9SkidsterMBX Off-Road
MB10Ford Custom 300MBX Highway
MB11Fiat 500 TurboMBX Metro
MB12TBATBANo Image released
MB13Nissan 350ZMBX MetroImage by: autoevolution
MB14Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (A5)MBX Highway
MB15MBX Field CarMBX Off-RoadImage by: autoevolution
MB16Toyota MR2 (W10)MBX Showroom
MB17Nissan Hardbody (D21)MBX Off-Road
MB18Tesla Model Y MBX Highway
MB19Ploughmaster 6000MBX Off-Road
MB20Corvette C8MBX Showroom
MB21Honda Civic (MY 1976)MBX Metro
MB22Mercedes Benz W123 Estate MBX Highway
MB23 MBX Mini Cargo Truck TBC
MB24 MBX Garbage Scout MBX Metro
MB25 VW Golf GTi Mk1 (MY 1976) MBX Highway
MB26Alfa Romeo Guilia (MY 2016) MBX Metro
MB27Porsche 911 Cabrio (996)MBX Highway
MB28 New Matchbox casting
1949 Kurtis Sports Car
MBX Showroom
MB29MBX Backhoe MBX Off-Road
MB30Renault KangooTBC
MB31New Matchbox casting
Porsche 918 Spyder
MBX Showroom
MB32Citroen AMIMBX Metro
MB33New Matchbox casting
Chevy El Camino
MB34 Ford Bronco (U725) MBX Off-Road
MB35 Chow Mobile II  MBX Metro
MB36International Terrastar MBX Metro
MB37 MBX Self Driving Bus MBX Metro
MB38Rivian R1T TBC 2023_38
MB39 Polaris RZR MBX Off-Road
MB40 Toyota Hilux MBX Off-Road
MB41 Ford Capri Mk1MBX Showroom
MB42 Ford Police Interceptor MBX Highway
MB43 Subaru SambarMBX Highway
MB44New Matchbox casting
Volkswagen ID4
MBX Highway
MB45 Land Rover Series IIA (1965) MBX Off-Road
MB46 MBX Fire DasherMBX Off-Road
MB47New Matchbox casting
Push ‘n’ Puller
MBX Metro
MB48 New Matchbox casting
1936 Ford Coupe
MB49 Audi TT RS CoupeMBX Showroom
MB50 1948 Willys JeepMBX Off Road
MB51 New Matchbox casting
Dodge Charger (MY 1966)
MBX ShowroomImage by: autoevolution
MB52 Dodge Charger (LD)   MBX Highway
 MB53 New Matchbox casting
Tesla Model X
MBX Highway
 MB54 Plymouth Savoy  MBX ShowroomImage by: autoevolution
 MB55 Subaru Forester (SK)  MBX Off-Road
 MB56 New Matchbox casting
Opel Kadett C GT/E
MBX Highway
 MB57Mazda CX-5MBX Highway
 MB58 New Matchbox casting
BMW 3er Touring (F31)
MBX Highway
 MB59 Tesla Model X  MBX Highway
 MB60 Road Stripe King MBX HighwayImage by: autoevolution
MB61 Mazda MX-5 Miata (MY 2015)  MBX Showroom
MB62 Cadillac Series 62 (1941) TBC Image by: autoevolution
MB63 New Matchbox casting
Ford C900 (1965)
MBX Highway
MB64 New Matchbox casting
Mitsubishi 3000 GT (1994)
MBX Highway
MB65Ford Mustang Mach E MBX Highway
MB661932 Ford Model Coupe B MBX ShowroomNo Image released
MB67Chevrolet Caprice Police (9C1) MBX Metro
MB68Dodge Sweptside Pick Up MBX Metro
MB69 Land Rover Defender (L663) MBX Off-Road
MB70Renault Megane MBX Metro
MB71Chevy Master Coupe (1934) MBX Showroom
MB72 Cadillac CT5-V MBX Highway
MB73 MGB GT MBX Highway
MB74Garbage King MBX MetroNo Image released
MB75 Tesla Roadster MBX Showroom
MB76International eStar
MBX Metro
MB77 Audi E-Tron MBX Metro
MB78 Austin Mini Cooper (MY 1964) MBX HighwayImage by: autoevolution
MB79Honda EMBX Metro
MB80Mazda 3 MBX Highway
MB81 Toyota 4Runner TBC
MB82 Bentley Bentayga MBX Metro
MB83Buick Skylark Convertible (1953) MBX Showroom
MB84New Matchbox casting
Ford F-150 Lightening
MBX Off-Road
MB85 MBX Armoured Truck MBX Metro
MB86 Dodge Charger Pursuit MBX Highway
MB87 BMW 2002MBX Highway
MB88 Subaru SVX MBX Showroom
MB89 Express Delivery MBX Metro
MB90Polaris Slingshot MBX Highway
MB91 Hazard Squad MBX Highway
MB92 Ford Interceptor Utility (2016) MBX MetroNo Image released
MB93Volkswagen Beetle MBX Off-Road
MB94Ice Cream King MBX Metro
MB95 Ford Interceptor Utility (2016) – NYPDMBX Metro
MB96 Honda Ridgeline (2007) MBX Off-Road
MB97Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 MBX Highway
MB98MBX Cycle Trailer MBX Off-Road
MB99 Jeep Wrangler SuperLift MBX Off-Road
MB100Toyota Tacoma (2016)MBX Off-Road
Mercedes Benz G500TBC
Lexus LS400 (UCF10)MBX Highway

2022 Box Artwork

12 – Model Not Known