www.matchbox1-75.com has been up and running since late March 2003. The aim of the site is to provide a point of resource and information for the range of 1-75/miniatures from 1969 to date that have been released in the UK.

As a kid of the seventies, these are the type of models that I happily threw off the stairs, caused and created multiple pile-ups, submerged in water, re-painted a thousand times, and re-enacted ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’/’CHiPs’/’The Professionals’. In the light of this, I have more a passion for models for this range, and although some may call me a Heathen, the site will not cover the Regular Wheels series from 1953 to 1969.

This site does not seek or boast to be the best or No. 1 Matchbox site on the web – far from it. It was created out of frustration at the lack of information available on this subject. Whilst there are some excellent sites around, the focus of information is derived and concentrated on the USA market and Europe rather than the UK. Hence the focus on the UK listings. However, if I have far too much time on my hands, this would very much change………

We have just had a re-vamp after 13 years of the same format moving to a WordPress framework which makes updates far quicker and the site more device friendly

If you have any suggestions or contributions that can improve and/or complement the current quality of data gathered, then please contact the webmaster.

Praise for Matchbox 1-75.com



I must say I`m impressed,you have done a fantastic job and research…I will use your site when I need it,I believe the UK 1-75 line is equal to the norwegian line.

Lars Tore

The site reflects a huge amount of research.

Great work. Thanks!!Jim Gallegosmatchb0x1@aol.com

Thanks to all on this board for your support and just being a great
bunch of collectors. I appreciate each of you!!!!!


Keef, your site is exactly whatI was looking for! I needed badly lineups for the MBs beyond 1982!It goes right to my “favorites” folder.-Jose Miguel
Life is a highway, and I’ve got roadrage.

Great site Keefyd. The thing I don’t like about the catalogues was the things never showed all the recolours.Just look at the 1975 Catalogue, it shows some of the new models but the new colours of #2 Jeep Hot Rod, 4 Gruesome Twosome etc were
missed out.This makes catalogue the collection impossible but your site is
a great help.Thanks

David Wood

Great site, keep on the good work.

Doron Algam


What a great site! I think I’m going to spend some evenings on this.Cyril Wollring

Via e-mail:
Subject: Matchobx 1-75.com,

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 23:35:34 -0000

Hi Keef

This is great. The look and feel is very professional and serious and well organised and well laid out. Content is well researched and presented. Thanks for making our life Easier by attempting to give a single reference point.

I have been here many times now. Well done and congratulations.

Kind regards


Hirantha Iddamalgoda

Subject: Matchobx 1-75.com,

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 23:35:34 -0000

I have just stumbled across your website by pure chance, and may I say what a fantastic site you have compiled. There is so much detail included, it’s incredible, brings back lots of fond memories from my era of the ’80’s and early 90’s. Paul.

Paul Truslove

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