Boxes > Lesney, Type J to L

Type J – Matchbox banner logo (1974-1978) 
Coloured background and Matchbox banner logo . The logo was now used as a banner at the top of the box, various colour backgrounds were used. The model number and description was in white, left centre and either, Rolamatic, Streakers or Superfast below. Again not all models were available in this box style.
Image: Christian Falkensteiner

Type K – Matchbox banner logo (1975 -1982) 
Matchbox banner logo, known as the ‘last’ picture box with model number and description lower left in white capitals. Most model numbers are known to exist in this style box. Note that the side flap still has the ‘Superfast’ logo and that if the model is a new one, the lettering for the word ‘NEW’ is far bolder than that previously on box Type J
Image: Christian Falkensteiner

Type L – Matchbox banner logo (1978 -1982) 
Matchbox banner logo, this is the final incarnation of the box series. The lettering for this box was a lot sharper, and all traces of the ‘Superfast’ brand were removed. Where possible, a diagram of the working features of the model was added to the side of the box.
Image: Christian Falkensteiner