Matchbox Links

Below are a list of some links that also provide further reference. The synopsis are there as an honest guide to the character of the site and the quality of information provided.

Matchbox Collectors Forum
Run by Brad Collins, this is a fantastic resource site for all things related to the world of Matchbox. Your first stop for that should be visited.
Vintage British made diecast toy collectors forum

Nick Jones runs this forum discussing all that is good about Lesney, matchbox and the old days. By far the best place to discuss vintage Matchbox. Highly recommended.

Matchbox Toys Official Site
For some reason the re-directs to the US&A site. Absolutely useless and not worth bothering about. Like Utd hiring Rangnick, the results are for all to see. Absolute joke of a site, and shower of shite. However, we have listed it, just in case you want to waste 5 mins of your life……
Christian Falkensteiner’s Matchbox Information Page

Christian is a knowledgeable historian of the Matchbox 1-75 range, and has a love affair with Citroen to boot. If you have a question, and if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can ask Christian a question (cue A-Team theme music)

Michael’s Matchbox® Page

German collector Michael Roehr‘s site, which has an excellent page on Matchbox boxes. Also contains a good section on the German releases during the Mattel reign.


Matchbox Memories: The No.1 Site for Collector’s of older Matchbox

Mick Flack resides in Australia and is a keen collector of Matchbox Yesteryear models.
The site has a comprehensive listing of Yesteryear Models and their spin-off’s, with some excellent quality shots as well. The site is going to have a revamp soon, as you can spot the MS FrontPage-isms everywhere…..

malcolm’s diecast showroom

Malcolm Brooks is a thirty-summat chap from the US & A. His site not looks at Matchbox 1-75, but other brands as well, such as Tonka, and Hot Wheels. There are also some beautifully photographed pictures of models that are in his  collection, and that alone makes the visit


This site is the work of Shabbir Malik, a collector of Matchbox 1-75, who lives in New York (that is in the US & A as well). The site is a huge resource centre for 1-75, and has a tremendous amount of information available. However, as Shabbir resides in North America, the focus is on that region, and not on Europe.

The navigation of the site is shockingly bad, and it is not that easy to get around, and the site has been neglected since 2004, so the information – although historically valid – is not current.

4636775442_9087729996_o sini
The main focus of the site are the collection gallery, which pictures a private collection of toy cars and a restoration section, which deals with the repair, restoration and customization
of small scale toy cars by manufacturers such as Matchbox, Majorette, Siku, Tomica, Norev, Johnny Lightning etc. The scales shown vary from 1:50 to 1:75 and all fit under the general terms “1:64” or “3 inches”.”

A beautifully presented site and all models are very well photographed. Have to admit, I am a bit jealous of Sini’s talents………

Dan’s Matchbox Picture Pages

For those of you who are into MAN numbers for all Matchbox models, this is possibly the best resource site around. A wonderful collection of very well taken pictures, and also the source of many revised model images that appear on this site. A lot of work has gone into the site, and is regularly updated with new pictures.

Little Wheels

“Little Wheels: On-Line Die Cast Car Museum and Shop: thousands of die-casts in big bright pictures with an easy to use search engine and lots of good background information”

This is a good site – not only does it show models for sale from all manufacturers, but there are a wealth of pictures and  information about the 1:1 models themselves – always a good thing.

Andrew Wood’s collection of die-casts on line based on the Great Book of Corgi but now expanded to include Matchbox, Dinky, Vanguards and Days Gone models

a nice little section on MB to be found here with some rather juicy photos to boot – worth a look.

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