MAN Numbers – 2012

MB832 Jeep Wrangler Superlift
MB833 Terrain Trouncer
MB834 Crop Master
MB835 Coyote 500 (alteration to MB819 – not used)
MB836 Road Tripper (alteration to MB825 – not used)
MB837 Superlift Ford F-350 Superduty
MB838 Land Rover Defender 110 (alteration to MB697)
MB839 Urban Tow Truck
MB840 Water Hauler (modification to MB058/MB209/MB710)
MB841 BMW R1200 RT-P Police Motorcycle
MB842 Blizzard Buster
MB843 Seagrave Classic Fire Engine
MB844 Batmobile
MB845 4×4 Scrambulance
MB846 Dodge Charger Pursuit
MB847 Frost Fighter
MB848 Ford Transit (with small light bar)
MB849 Rescue Helicopter (alteration to MB541)
MB850 Garbage Grinder
MB851 (skipped due to Combine Harvester previously assigned during Lesney ownership)
MB852 Trail Tipper
MB853 Sowing Machine
MB854 Sand Speeder (alteration to MB429 Dune Buggy with new name)
MB855 Oshkosh M-ATV
MB856 Load Lifter
MB857 Chevy Suburban (alteration to MB436)
MB858 Buick Century
MB859 (skipped due to Mercury Police previously assigned during Lesney ownership)
MB860 2012 Ford Explorer
MB861 Sand Shredder