MAN Numbers – 2014


Information compiled by David Tilley

** MB901 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi (alteration to MB689b)
MB902 Field Tripper
** MB903 Tesla Model S
MB904 Garbage Gulper
MB905 Alfa Romeo 4C
MB906 1963 Mack Model B
MB907 Blockade Buster
MB908 Crime Crusher
MB909 Rapids Rescue
MB910 Sahara Sweeper
MB911 Toyota Tacoma Lifeguard
MB912 Trail Tracker
MB913 Mound Mover
MB914 Ground Grabber
MB915 Seed Shaker
MB916 Dirt Smasher
MB917 Mini Dozer
MB918 Drill Digger
MB919 Acre Maker
MB920 Ford F-350 Stake Bed
MB921 Terrainiac
MB922 Snow Ripper
MB923 Travel Tracker
MB924 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
MB925 Rumble Raider
MB926 Sea Spy
MB927 Ford F-150 Raptor (alteration to MB788)
MB928 Desert Thunder V16 (alteration to MB712)
MB929 International CXT (alteration to MB687)
MB930 Pontiac Piranha (alteration to MB556)
MB931 3-axle Dump Truck (alteration to MB536)
MB932 Flame Smasher (alteration to MB866)
MB933 Dodge Charger Pursuit (alteration to MB846)
MB934 Blizzard Buster (alteration to MB842)
MB935 BMW R-1200 R-TP Police (alteration to MB841)
MB936 Water Tanker (alteration to MB840)
MB937 Urban Tow Truck (alteration to MB839)
MB938 Ford F-350 Superlift Brush (alteration to MB837)
MB939 WorkStar Brush Fire Truck (alteration to MB801)
MB940 Road Roller (alteration to MB800)
MB941 Jungle Crawler (alteration to MB783)
MB942 Sahara Survivor (alteration to MB782)
MB943 MBX Street Sweeper (alteration to MB776)
MB944 Ford E-350 Ambulance (alteration to MB771)
MB945 Subaru Impreza WRX Police (alteration to MB751)
MB946 Scraper (alteration to MB745)
MB947 Porsche 911GT3 (alteration to MB729)
MB948 Ground Breaker (alteration to MB707)
MB949 2006 Fire Engine (alteration to MB698)
MB950 Tractor Plow (alteration to MB686)
MB951 Pontiac Solstice Concept (alteration to MB612)
MB952 Hummer w/ramp (alteration to MB506)
MB953 Chevy K-1500 Pickup (alteration to MB249)
MB954 Highway Maintenance Truck (alteration to MB222)