Matchbox Super Chase models – Mainline editions

Recently, Matchbox has decided to capitalise on their Hot Wheels underpinnings by releasing a “chase” model within the 1-100 manline range.

First appearing in 2021, these are chase cars that can be found among standard Matchbox Basic Miniatures assortments. Similar to Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts, they feature two-piece wheels with rubber tires.

Naturally, these are very difficult to get hold of, but models have been distributed worldwide at a normal RRP.

However, via ebay and other such sites, the scarcity and fuel of the obsessive collector has increased the prices being paid. catalogues these models as per below which have been released within blister and power grab packaging.

20212020 Corvette
2022Porsche 911 GT3
20222021 Ford Bronco
20231932 Ford Coupe
2023Mercedes Benz CLA Shooting Brake