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The 1-75 listings for each of year have been set out using the following headings:

Model Number: This is the number where the respective model was introduced into the 1-75 range. Throughout the listings – and indeed the site – each model number will be prefixed by the ‘MB’ notation rather that the naming conventions as set out by such commentators as Charlie Mack.

Whilst the MAN Numbers (Manufacturing Numbers) are relevant to collecting community, they do not make an appearance on this site.

This is an abbreviation for MANufaturing number, the number used by the manufacturer to identify the model components, it has been used by all owners of the Matchbox brand since the early 1980’s

The aim of this site is to simply catalogue each years releases via the 1-75 listing rather than document and chart the history of each model.

information For 1975, 1E Dodge Challenger will simply be referred to as MB1 Dodge Challenger, and subsequently for each of the years that the model was in the 1-75 range.

Model Name: Does exactly what it says – what more did you expect…..HELLO, McFLY??!!!

Brand: This denotes the ‘type’ or ‘brand’ of model that the miniature is. From 1969 to 1982, there were two main types of models that were available. These were as follows:

Superfast: As Mattel decided to increase the stakes with the free-rolling ‘Hot Wheels’ range, Lesney – who made the 1-75 range – decided to do the same by moving away from the Regular Wheels (RW) range, and introduce the ‘Superfast’ range. The main features of the ‘Superfast’ range were the free-rolling ‘Mag’ wheels, and the introduction of ‘suspension’ to the models.

These were brought out alongside the RW range and gradually the RW range were either phased out or converted to accommodate the Superfast wheels. through the seventies, and into th early eighties, the ‘Superfast’ branding changed to the ‘Matchbox 75’ logo. During the Tyco era of 1994-96, the Superfast range was briefly re-introduced.

Rola-matics: Introduced in 1974 and phased out in 1982 these ingenious models had rotating/moving parts when the model was pushed along.


Matchbox: From Lesney’s demise in 1982 right up to 1999, there was no particular “brand” that was used by the parent company at the time, so therefore these models will simply be referred to as ‘Matchbox’. With the TYCO era, a new branding was used, which tried to re-create the era of Lesney, by re-introducing the Superfast branding to the model range. The colour scheme changed from blue to orange and yellow, with the Matchbox banner still retaining its ‘lozenge’ identity.


From 2000 the range range was re-branded ‘Mattel’ wheels, and was further sub-categorised into ‘themes’, such as ‘Show Cars’, or ‘Emergency Vehicles’. Each of these themes consisted of 5 models. In the listings, the sub-category will be noted after the ‘Mattel Wheels’ brand.

information For 2000 release of MB26 Mercedes Benz 1600 Tractor will be referred in the listings as:

Model Number Model Name Brand
Mercedes Benz Trac 1600 Turbo

Hero City: This branding was introduced in 2003, and all model boxes have the ‘Hero City’ branding, and again the models are sub-categorised into themes.

Image: Wherever possible, a image of the respective model will be displayed. These images are taken from scans of the Matchbox catalogues that have been published as well as other sources.

information Where there is no image available, the following picture will appear :

No Image released