An online resource for UK Matchbox miniature diecast

The aim of this site is to provide a point of resource and information for the Matchbox miniatures that have been released in the UK from 1969 to date.

The site covers the Lesney SuperFast models through to Tyco in 1992 and to their present owner.

Within the site there will be sections detailing the model range by year, as well as the types of boxes that have been introduced over the years, as well as the
types of wheels.

Wherever possible, I will look to add information on World variations, though it must be said that the focus will be predominately on the UK. Over time, more sections will be added.

The site is not intended to be the definitive guide to all that is Superfast and Matchbox – there are some excellent books around that have done this already, and the details of such
can be found in the Further Reading and Links sections respectively.

We have now launched a Marketplace pop up site where you can buy and sell Matchbox models online.

A website is never complete or finished – there are always amendments to be made, and additions to be uploaded. In the future, sections and pages will be added, but only when these are complete. As much possible, I have trawled the web, and gathered pictures and information from various books, and Matchbox Catalogues.

However, there is always the need for further information, and if you have some info that will be of value to the site, then please contact the webmaster – all pictures and additional information will be attributed to the contributor.

Contact: Webmaster